English language programs

English Language Programs

Different English language program for different use

General English Language programs

Whatever is the student purpose of studying English language, it is always recommended to study General English Language in the beginning to reach the highest possible level in the English language, and to reach high level of fluency in expression. This program allows student to learn the everyday English communication skills and the local idioms and terminologies, in addition; it covers the four mail key skills of (reading, writing, speaking and listening) by using creative, fun and easy and informal methods to learn the language, through watching documentaries, class activities and learning idiomatic expression and proverbs. Usually these courses accept student from beginners’ level till professionals, and student should be at least 16 years old in order to join adult classes, and not less than 4 years old for juniors’ classes.

Program Objectives

By attending this program, student will earn:

  • Basic skills to learn the languages (reading, writing, speaking and listening)
  • Immediate practice of language skills with a positive integration into western society
  • An opportunity of roaming around the city, and build a network of new friends and relations
  • More time to learn about the rules, regulations, manners, traditions of the country and about different countries due to the nationality diversity in the institute
  • A chance to participate in a variety of trips and student activities provided by the institute
  • More knowledge about events held in the city, and find out what’s new
  • An offer to work as a volunteer or part-time job on-campus or off-campus

English for Academic Purposes

The majority of non-English speakers’ students need to study English for Academic Purpose that offered by Collage of Continuing Education. This program is designed specifically for students who are intending to join an academic program in the future in order to receive a higher degree. In addition, this program allows students to obtain conditional acceptance from the university, in case is not meeting the English proficiency requirements. Student must have intermediate level of English proficiency to be admitted into this program.

Program Objectives

Studying English for Academic Purposes Program allows student to try a real university academic environment, and to obtain educationally sound English Language proficiency. Accordingly, student will learn:

  • Academic and professional writing skills, whether in writing scientific articles, research or reports
  • Research methods and skills, and carry out research using the university library
  • Strategies for effective reading skills of reading articles academically
  • Techniques to integrate the listening skills with taking notes and rephrasing skills
  • Methods to prepare and deliver academic presentations, and public speaking skills
  • Strategy to participate in seminars and scientific conferences