Admission process and it’s required documents, application processing time and types of admission

Required Documents

Required Documents by Education Institutions for admission
  • Passport

    Clear and colored copy of your current passport biographic page

  • Academic Certificate

    Clear and colored copy of your last academic degree

  • Academic Transcript

    Clear and certified copy of your last academic transcript

  • Financial guarantee

    Financial guarantee (i.e. Three months bank statement, bank certificate or Financial guarantee letter from your sponsor)

  • Recommendations

    2 Recommendation letters

  • Work Experience

    Work experience letter

  • Statement of purpose

    Statement of purpose (If applicable)

  • Resume

    Updated resume (If applicable)

  • Research Proposal

    Research proposal (for PhD applicants)

  • Contact Information

    Contact information for official doctoral dissertation (for PhD applicants)

Applications Processing Time

The estimated processing time to get acceptance from educational institutions


  •   Applications processing time
  •   Educational Counseling
  •   Study Plan
  •   Admission
  •   Visa Assistance
  •   Arrange Accommodation
  •   Arrange Airport Pickup
  •   Aftercare Services
  •   Follow Up


  • Around (1 - 5) days


  • Around (4 - 6) weeks


  • Around (6 - 10) weeks


  • Depends on the availability of the supervisor

Types of Admission

There are two types of admission

Conditional Admission

  • A Letter stating that the student has got an initial acceptance letter to a specific program at the university, until meets the program entry requirement, such as English Language proficiency, so student can get the final acceptance. This means that once the student successfully complete the specified intensive English program that provided by the university and/or have the appropriate test score report (TOEFL or IELTS), student will be offered final admission to the university.
  • Usually applicant needs to apply for admission to the university approved intensive English program, and will receive a package offer letters includes offer letter form English Language Institute + Acceptance letter for academic degree program (Bachelor or Master).

Final Admission (Unconditional)

  • A Letter stating that the student has met all the program entry requirements, and eligible to start the academic program immediately without any conditions. Most universities in the USA, Canada, New Zealand and Australia-based test (TOEFL / IELTS) for final acceptance with exception of the UK, only IELTS test for UKVI is accepted to receive final acceptance.
  • English Language proficiency test scores required depend on the programmer student applying to, so student should know the minimum required score.