Important information and tips before traveling for both sponsored and self-funded students

Important Information Before Traveling

For Both Sponsored and Self-Funded Students

Upon arrival to the study destination, students will be ask to present some supporting documents, by the Customs and Border Protection officer, to verify your documentations, examine your luggage and determine whether to admit you into the country. Some of those documents include the following:

  • Valid Passport and visa
  • Letter of acceptance from the educational institution
  • Original copy of i-20 / CoE / Letter of Acceptance / CAS document
  • Proof of accommodation and details

Important Tips Before Traveling

For Both Sponsored and Self-Funded Students
  • Advised to travel four to ten days before the course starts to become familiar with the city, find suitable place and to get settled
  • Read more about the city rules, regulations, manners and traditions
  • Keep your passport safe
  • Check issuance and expiration date of the passport and visa validity and check the accuracy of the information mentioned in both of them. Your passport must be valid for at least 6 months after arrival to the destination country
  • Make sure that there are no prohibited or restricted baggage item may make the security check difficult
  • If you are taking certain drugs or treatments, make sure that the supply of medication is allowed
  • Weigh your luggage before going to the airport to avoid unwarranted baggage fees
  • Avoid placing electronic devices in checked baggage
  • Count the number of your baggage before leaving the airport