Types of students (sponsored and self-funded)


Sponsored Student

Students who grants a scholarship from a sponsor to continue higher degree, or to study a particular program abroad.
An individual can get a chance to go to one of the following scholarship programs after meet their requirements:

  • Individuals: through the Ministry of Education – Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Scholarship Program
  • Public Sector Employees: Through ministries, royal commissions, universities
  • Private sector employees: Through their companies such as: Aramco, SABIC

Scholarships for non-Saudi students

foreigners living in Saudi Arabia

Non-Saudi students can a joint any of the scholarships provided by universities or language institutes under the conditions required by the university after obtaining an admission
Often, the student gets a chance to get the Scholarship after:

  • Apply for a scholarships immediately after the completion of the first semester
  • Get Excellent GPA
  • Proof of participation in student clubs at the University

Also non-Saudi students can get a scholarship by the big companies that give their employees or children of employees the opportunity to study abroad at the expense of the company.


Self-funded Student

Students who are seeking an opportunity to study abroad, but they are not fulfilling the requirements for obtaining a scholarship, or unwilling to attend, such as:

  • Saudi students (Can join the scholarships in the future under specified conditions)
  • Non-Saudi students
  • K-12 students
  • Summer courses students
  • Short courses for professionals